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50 “Average” Guys Have Been DOMINATING Tinder and Bumble. Here’s How:

Hey man, my name is Stevie.

You know what I love about Tinder and Bumble?

They make it super easy for short, average guys like me to score with the hottest girls.

I’m serious, man - I’ve been killing it since I started using this new, 10-second technique.

Yep, even during lockdown.


I’ll give it to you in a second, because think about it:

With these apps, the only thing that matters are a few good pics, and your words.

Compare that to meeting a woman in person.

You’ve gotta have the right body language… great game…

And if you’re short and average looking like me, there’s no way to “hide” that.

It’s the first thing she sees.

But online, you can hook her with this 10-second technique, no matter what you look like. So…

You’ll Blow Past All The Things That Would Make Her Reject You In Person

I’ve taught this technique to a few buddies now…

...they all agree: this technique is the single best thing they’ve ever learned.

My roommate Will used it on a 26 year old who ghosted him once she found out he was 39…


Two nights later, she showed up at our door with a bottle of wine…

He didn’t even have to take her out on a date… she was so DTF, and I could hear every damn dirty word and moan she made that night!

I snuck a little photo for him… I think she was liking Will more than the wine ;)

And our friend Ro… he’s gone hog wild with this technique… he just got out of a long relationship and all he wants to do is bang…

...and man, you should see the pics he sends our WhatsApp group.

Models, actresses… and Ro is maybe a seven.

These Girls Are Sending Him The Hottest Pics…

…before he even meets them!

As for me, I hooked up with a lot of girls when I first learned this technique…

But I’ve been seeing this one girl for about three months, and we just had the relationship talk… so it’s looking serious.

Relationship Talk Relationship Talk

She probably wouldn’t have even noticed me in person… she’s three inches taller than me…

...and she is crazy hot, so imagine when she responded to my first message with this:

“lol who are you and what planet do you come from. Do tell.”


Ro was like, she’s gotta be some Russian bot account, bro…

But just like all the other girls, this technique completely sucked her in…

...and it’s like magic, because…

Women Fantasize And Obsess Over These Exact Words

These are words that are proven to turn on tens of thousands of women.

And the craziest part of all is that they’re stored in a big database that Amazon owns.

Yeah man… that Amazon.

And no, I didn’t hack the database.

The words in this technique are publicly available, for anyone to find.

If I told you where to look - and I will - you could go find them right now.

But I’ll make it way easier, and just give ‘em to you.

Yet I’ve got to warn you - I can’t share this with too many other guys.

The Technique Is Copy/Paste, And It Makes Women Want To Bang.

Obviously, every guy will want this, but it’s not gonna work if we all start using it.

So make sure you read this all the way to the end, so you know how to use the technique right.

Because look - these apps are the best if you know how to use them.

Out of my league

These girls I pulled… so far out of my league.

Like this one - are you kidding me?

She was such a little vixen in the bedroom… into the wildest shit…

Too bad she started getting clingy and insecure.

(She basically wanted to move in with me after our second date.)

Crazy thing is…

I Was Failing So Hard Before I Discovered This Simple Little Technique.

Has a girl ever responded to you with the words “ewwww?” Look at this!

Yeah - that’s how bad it was. They weren’t just ignoring me, they were actually taking the time to reject me!

Or how about at this one

I laugh about it now, but it was so painful at the time.

And honestly - and this is really tough for me to admit - there was even a moment when I thought about taking my own life.

Yeah, it was that bad…

Ewww You ugly little troll

Because it got to the point where I felt like women really saw me as worthless.

And that’s how I’d seen myself my whole life, too.

Like I wasn’t good enough…

I grew up shy and bullied… and I didn’t even kiss a girl until my sophomore year of college.

And I was a virgin until I was 27, when…

I Finally Landed (A Crazy B*tch Named) Jennie

I mean, I didn’t think she was crazy at the time.

In fact, within a month, my whole life literally revolved around her.

She quickly became a part of my identity… like there was no me, without her.

I only wish I’d seen the warning signs.

Crazy B*tch Named Jennie

Even though I didn’t make much, I spent every extra dollar I earned making her feel like a queen.

I could tell that she really loved it - the expensive purses, the fancy dinners...

My Mom tried to warn me one day, but I was totally blind to what was coming…

...because honestly, it made me feel like a man to spoil Jennie.

And yeah, I started off insecure, because she’d had a few boyfriends before me...

But after two years, I was overcoming my jealousy.

I Decided To Propose To Her…


I skipped lunches at work for three months, so I could save extra money for a ring.

But then, just after I bought it… the pandemic hit.

Two weeks later, I got laid off.

I had zero in savings, and all I was thinking about was how to make my next rent payment.

Now this is where a good woman is supposed to have your back, right?

To tell you that everything is ok… that you guys are gonna make it through this together.

You Know What Jennie Did When I Told Her I’d Been Laid Off?

She replied,

“Well, I guess that means no date night tonight. That sucks.”

The lockdown hadn’t started yet, and I couldn’t let her know I was broke, so I replied that I wanted to take her to the fanciest restaurant in town.

“We’ll be ok babe,” I told her, and she perked up a little bit.

I decided to propose to her that night… it was so perfect - I had the ring brought out on her dessert plate, and yeah - she loved it and she said yes!

We were laughing and smiling when the bill came, so I didn’t even notice that it was $300… I just slipped the waiter my credit card.

Moments later, he came back with a grim look on his face.

“I’m sorry sir, but we’ve tried three times, and your card isn’t going through.”

It Was My Only Credit Card. My Heart Sunk.

That’s when I looked at the bill.

My popping eyes must have given away my horror, because when I looked up, I saw a strange look in Jennie’s eyes - like I’d betrayed her.

That look became anger when I asked her meekly “um, babe, can you get this one?”

She was not happy.


As if - after all the sacrifices I made for her - I’d done something wrong.

She was cold as ice as we walked to the car. Then, out of nowhere, she started yelling at me…

“How could you embarrass me like that, after such a special moment??? How could you be so irresponsible???”

And like the little wussbag that I was, I actually apologized to her.

But she wasn’t having any of it.

All of my attempts to explain things only made her more angry.

She kept accusing me of “playing big” and pretending to be a “30k millionaire.”

I finally started arguing back, and by the time we reached her apartment, she was practically spitting in anger, and that’s when she laid it on me…

“I can’t believe I said yes to you. You’re not ready to marry a woman like me… you’re such a little liar… such a little man!”

She Threw The Ring At Me, And Started To Storm Out Of The Car!

I grabbed at her hand to try to keep her from leaving - I just wanted to calm things down and work it out - but she started to scream and shake me off.

As she ran away from the car, neighbors appeared on their balconies to see what the ruckus was all about…

...and I knew I was done for the night.

I tried to get her back for weeks - I did some pretty desperate stuff, no point in sharing it here, but it only made things worse.

I was still holding on to hope when my roommate Will was like...

“Bro, I’m gonna set up a Tinder account for you. Just see who else is out there…”

I agreed, but was still consumed by Jennie, so I really half-assed it.

My self-esteem was so low that I didn’t honestly expect any women to respond to me.

My profile photo was weak, and every message I’d send was like “yo” or “what’s up”.

Women Were Ignoring Me, Or Mocking Me

It was seriously depressing, and then one day, about two weeks in… within 20 swipes, there was Jennie.

I swiped right and messaged her…

...and her response to me?

“lol look at u little man. are u telling the girls how broke u are?”

Nice Pics

Those were the words that made me think about ending it all.

But today, I couldn’t be more thankful for her rejection.

Because not only did I avoid a life of misery with that shallow, gold digging ho, but…

The Hookups I’ve Had Since Then Make Jennie Look Like A Bag Of Wet, Rotten Leather.

For that, I’ve got two guys named Tripp, and Christian to thank.

They’re the ones who taught me this technique… and so much more.

Tripp has a huge YouTube channel - I found it when I went looking for “tinder advice” after the body blow from Jennie’s nasty message.

Tripp on YouTube

And this guy is legit… nearly a million subscribers, and it’s because he knows exactly what he’s talking about.

I watched his videos for hours, and bought a few of his courses…

It felt like he was the big brother I’d never had, and he helped me understand all the mistakes I’d made with Jennie and hell… with women for my whole life!

I felt like I knew him so well that I had to reach out to him.

I Was So Desperate, I Wasn’t Sure If He’d Respond

…but I told him my whole story… and I was amazed when he replied to me.


“My man, thanks for being brave and reaching out. I’m so sorry to hear what you’re going through. I know things seem shitty right now, but I live to help guys like you.

We can do a free 30-minute call and see if we’re a good fit - I’ll have my assistant Sarah propose some times.”

Our call was amazing. It went for an hour, and Tripp recorded the whole thing for me so I could go back to the advice again.

But at the end of it…

I had to admit that I had no money for more coaching.

The stimulus check had saved me, but I couldn’t afford his hefty hourly rate.

Tripp thought about it for a minute…

Zoom Call

“Ok, tell you what - my friend Christian and I are about to release some new training, and we’re looking for guys to join our test group. I’ll see about getting you in, because you fit the profile of someone who we’re looking for in the group. Sarah will get back to you with more details, ok?”

A week later, I got the email from Sarah, with a link to Tripp and Christian’s first Zoom call…

...the title was…

“What Amazon Knows About What Women Want”

…which seemed a little strange to me…

But Oh. My. God. This shit is crazy.

You’ve heard of the Kindle, right? Amazon’s electronic book?

Well, it’s got a feature that lets you underline sentences - just like in a real book.

But unlike a real book, every sentence that gets underlined is stored on Amazon’s databases…

...and when enough people underline the same sentence, it becomes what’s called a “popular highlight.”

So you can actually buy a Kindle book, open it up, and see what everyone else has been highlighting.

Kindle Highlights

And here’s what Tripp and Christian had figured out:

There’s a whole category of books that women go absolutely bonkers over:

Romance Novels, and Literotica.

You know, like that book 50 Shades of Grey?

Ok, get this: over 9 million romance novels were sold in 2018…

Totaling over 1.5 billion dollars in sales.

They’re the #2 eBook category on Amazon, because they’re basically the female version of porn sites.

These Are Like Crack For Women

…but most of us guys don’t even know about them!

So Tripp and Christian - they went through hundreds of these books to figure out why women were so addicted to them… fact, they broke it all down and figured out the exact psychological triggers that made women so turned on.

50 Shades of Grey

By the end of our first Zoom call, Tripp had shared some of these triggers…

...and I learned more about women in that hour, than I had in the first twenty seven years of my life.

But the second call was even better, because that’s when they rolled out the techniques.

You see, during their research, Tripp and Christian kept meticulous track of every single popular highlight…

...5,468 of them, to be exact.

Then, they went through these highlights and categorized them.

For example, they had one category called…

“Techniques That Make Women Jealous”

But there were so many more, like…

“Techniques That Make Women Feel Special.”

“Techniques That Challenge Women”

“Techniques That Make Women Chase Men”

“Techniques That Make Women Think They’ve Made A Mistake”

Techniques Spreadsheet

...and so on.

By the end of the call, they gave us one technique from each category, and told us to go have fun.

And boy, did I…

Not that every woman responded to me. I was still using the same weak profile photo…

...and I didn’t know which technique to use

But by the day of the third call…

I Was Deep Into Three Conversations On Tinder

All of the girls were pretty cute… not like models or anything, but none you’d hide from your friends…

...and one of them was aggressively messaging me to meet up that night.

But of course, I couldn’t skip the third call, and I’m so glad I didn’t.

Because that’s when they told us how to make our profiles better.

You see, about 95% of the male characters in these romance novels have certain “traits.”

Sure, they’re all different… some are bad boy drifters, some are alpha businessmen, some are loner cowboys…

Romance Novels

...but according to Tripp and Christian’s research, these guys all shared the same seven character traits…

Traits that make women obsess over them.

As Christian likes to say:

“A Woman May Fall For A Guy’s Lines, But She Falls In Love With His Character.”

So Tripp and Christian helped us craft our profiles in a way to project these traits…

We all laughed when Tripp said it’d make us “tantalizing,” but holy shit was he right.

Even without changing my awful photo, I had more women hitting me up that week, than I had in the entire four months I’d been using it previously.

Huge Win

And I had a huge win that week.

One of the girls came over to my place, and actually went down on me… without expecting anything in return!

(obviously, gotta blur this girl’s eyes for her privacy)

I totally would have reciprocated, and I could feel her wearing sheer, lace undies when I reached below her belt…

but she smiled at me all coy, gently removed my hand, and said “no no no big man, you’ve got to wait till next time to get down there…

Are you kidding me?

I Couldn’t Believe She Went Down On Me So Fast!

Jennie was the only other girl I’d been with, and she never liked to do that.

She always acted like it was the biggest, most inconvenient thing in the world… I was a homeless guy, begging for money... I started feeling bad even asking for it, and I never enjoyed it the few times that she did do it.

Now this new girl wasn’t exactly relationship material, but my god… that next day, I felt like I was a new man.

Yet there were still more lessons to come... the training went on for another seven weeks, and we worked with Tripp and Christian to perfect every step of their process.

For example, there were some tweaks to getting this to work on Bumble and Hinge, where the women are usually more selective.

Bumble Different Bumble Intrigued

Of course, we covered photos - Tripp had done a ton of research on this, and figured out the exact photos, angles, lighting, and sequences to get maximum positive interest.

We Spent A TON Of Time Making It Step-By-Step Easy

Sure, Tripp and Christian had all the lines, the techniques, and so on…

but between our group of fifty guys, there were thousands of interactions going on…

...not just in the US, but in Canada, Europe, and Australia too…

...with girls of all backgrounds and races...

...and Tripp and Christian were like mad scientists trying to figure out which techniques worked best… with the most women… and at what phase of the interaction.

Happy Tripp

They had spreadsheets… they’d broken it all down to track response rates… I’d never seen anything like it…

These guys were 100% committed to doing this by the data.

First, with the data they pulled from the Amazon books.

Then, refining that data with real-world interactions that we were all having…

They didn’t want to leave a single step to chance.

For example:

They Discovered That A Key Point When You Must Challenge A Woman

The data showed that this step is not optional.

(They found that if you skip it, there’s a 16% chance that you will get ghosted)

And in my opinion, this is the most powerful technique out there.

It puts her on her back foot and lets her know that she’s going to have to work for you.

If you do it wrong, it comes off cocky and insincere…

...but you’ve got to do it…

Bumble Aren't You Bold

Because if she’s really desirable, and you don’t do it, then you instantly tag yourself as a guy who’s not used to women like her.

And trust me, if she’s really hot, then you’re gonna be scared shitless the first time you use this technique.

Just like I did, you’ll probably think…

“She’s Going To Be SO Offended By This.”

But honestly, this is exactly how these obsession-worthy men talk to women.

They have high standards and they’re used to being chased… exactly the opposite of how I acted all that time with Jennie.

No wonder she had no respect for me.

And that’s the best thing of all… when we used these techniques, we ended up with really high- quality women pursuing us.

Women Pursuing Us

Because Tripp and Christian figured out how to screen out the crazies and the gold diggers.

You see, women with lots of self-respect want to be with men who have self-respect.

I didn’t know this back then… but honestly, when you’ve got ten really great women competing for you, it does amazing things for how you feel about yourself.

My confidence shot through the roof… over Thanksgiving dinner,

My Dad Said It Seemed Like I Was Standing Two Inches Taller…

…it was strange, I saw this newfound respect in his eyes for me.

And when I think back, I realize that these lines were really just training wheels for me.

There were so many things in my personality that were just waiting to come out, and I didn’t know how to say them…

...but the work I did with Tripp and Christian - and I know this sounds dumb, but it’s 100% true - it was like “cool guy” training.

Like, we learned how alphas talked with women… and because it was all online, we were learning it in “slow motion.”

It was really amazing… when I met up with these women,

It Was As If All Of These Lessons Had Been Baked Into My Brain

And best of all - after a few months, I wasn’t even using Tripp and Christian’s lines anymore.

In fact, none of us were.

This training hadn’t just given us the “fish,” so to speak. It taught us how to fish.

And that’s why I’m writing this today:

You see, Tripp and Christian considered our ten-week training to be a “beta” version of their material.

They had some great stuff, but they knew that it needed to be crafted and honed with a wider audience.

Our test group gave them the chance to figure out the exact, step-by-step system.

Test Group

A system that would work for as many men, and with as many women as possible.

No matter how young, old, tall, short, rich or poor a guy was… matter what country he was from, or the color of his skin.

A system built on two layers of data…

...first, the 5,468 lines and techniques that were lifted directly from Amazon’s servers…

perhaps the most direct and accurate insight into female psychology, ever...

...and second, the thousands of interactions that Tripp and Christian analyzed over the ten weeks that our test group ran… they could create the ultimate, bulletproof system for predictable domination. And now,

They’re Ready To Release The Final Version

…and they’re looking for 200 more men to share it with.

Their plan is to release this material to 200 new men, every three months – starting TODAY!

They think that gives the men enough time to use the techniques - without burning them out - and get so good that they can start to do it on their own.


Then, three months later, they can open up the training to another 200 men… and the techniques will still be fresh.

Of course, they don’t know this for sure, so future training could be more spread out.

But if you’re watching this right now, then you have the chance to be one of the first 200 men in the world to access this material…

...and let me be as clear as I can:

Whatever you’ve got to do to get in…

If You’ve Gotta Sell Your Left Nut And Your Right Kidney… Do It

Just know this:

If you’re the sort of guy who doesn’t like to follow step by step instructions… the training is not for you.

Yeah, you’ll eventually be able to improvise 100%, but out of the gate: use the techniques.

They’re based on real data - female psychology that Tripp and Christian spent years decoding…

Kindle Highlights 2

...lines and traits that millions of women themselves have underlined and obsessed over.

That’s why you know this is gonna work… and why it’s unlike anything else out there.

So follow the steps with the first hundred women or so…

Narrow it down to ten who you want to hook up with…

Two or three who you start dating seriously...

Then you can start improvising.

Oh also - if you’re one of those guys who just wants to “learn stuff” and is never gonna use it…

...well, there’s lots of free videos out there to watch.

This Is Material That You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

…and Tripp and Christian only want guys who are going to use it.

Our test group had a 100% success rate - every single guy hooked up with multiple women.

And every guy who wanted a girlfriend, got one.

Tripp and Christian fully expect the same success rate with this new group… but that’ll only happen if you use the material.

So before you get access, you’ll have to check a little box that says “yes, I agree to use this material.”

Oh, and speaking of checkboxes… there’s one more requirement:

You cannot share this material outside of one or two of your friends.

Online Domination Dashboard

All of the training is on an online portal, with tight security.

You can access it from your phone, your computer… wherever it’s easiest for you.

It’s all done through your web browser… Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox… they all work.

And you don’t need to download any funky software or plugins.

But know this: the portal tracks every login, to make sure that you don’t give your password to everyone you know.

Because once you’re in, you’re in.

You’ll Be One Of Only 200 Men In The World With Access…

…and Tripp and Christian want to keep it that way.

Oh, and you’ll have lifetime access.

You probably won’t need it after three months… because if you follow the training and actually use it, you’re going to experience what everyone in the first test group did:

Your game is going to skyrocket.

But let’s say you get a girlfriend in the first month… then you guys break up six months later.

No problem - you’ll still have access, so you can go back in for a refresher any time you want.

I’m super excited to introduce you to this EPIC training course:

Introducing Online Domination: Step-By-Step, Data-Driven Seduction

Online Domination

It’s called Online Domination because that’s quite literally what it will give you.

You will dominate every single app you join, and quickly rise to the top 1% of men who have their “pick of the pack.”

And to make that happen, Tripp and Christian are going to arm you with every single technique you need.

You’ll learn opening lines that shock and startle women… in the best possible way.

They’re based on the exact same “alpha openers” that men in romance novels use…

...and they’ll provoke such curiosity that she’ll immediately click over to your profile.

And that’s when Module 5 of the training comes in… where you’ll learn how to set up an “obsession worthy” personality.

It doesn’t have to be a long profile - in fact, if it’s too long, it looks needy and it works against you.

So Tripp and Christian will show you how to pack it tight with at least four of the seven “obsession-worthy” character traits.

When she reads it, she’ll be thinking

“I Don’t Care What This Guy Looks Like… I Just Have To Get To Know Him Better.”

And speaking of what you look like, that’s covered in Module 6.

Casting Director

Tripp partnered with an award-winning headshot photographer for this section.

This woman’s job is to take photos so amazing that they jump out to casting directors in LA… when they’re sifting through hundreds and hundreds of different applicants for a role.

That’s pretty much the exact same thing that happens in these apps, so even if you’re not a classically handsome guy, you’re going to learn how to take captivating photos…

...and no, you won’t have to hire a photographer! You can do this all with your phone’s camera.

These are the sort of photos that will get a girl to stop scrolling… again, even if you’re not good looking…

...because the photos themselves will be so unique and captivating that she wants to see and learn more.

That’s especially helpful on Bumble, where she’s the one who’s got to message you first.

And then, Tripp will tell you the exact additional photos to add to your profile… to make your life look interesting and irresistible to women.

I know this all sounds amazing, but we’re only scratching the surface of what’s in Online Domination…

Everything We’ve Talked About So Far Is Basically “Bait” To Get Her Engaged…

...but the meat of the course is the step-by-step method to get her obsessed with you, before you guys even meet up.

This is the stuff that gets girls turned on, DTF… it’s the stuff I used on that woman who went down on me the first night.

No chance that would have happened if I wasn’t following the steps… or if I was doing what every other guy does.

And this is where Tripp and Christian’s research does the heavy lifting for you.

Woman Fantasizing

You see, every woman has a story in her mind about how she wants to be romanced...

…that’s why these romance novels are so popular - they all follow the same “obsession story”.

So Tripp and Christian will give you the step by step techniques to activate her obsession story…

...and this is where your game is going to get good. Because

You’re Going To Be One Step Ahead Of Her, Every Step Of The Way…

…no more wondering “what did I say that threw her off” or “why did she ghost me?”

You’ll hook her right away… instantly triggering her impulse to reply and start to “play.”

And you’ll be ready for her predictable responses… in just a few more messages, she’ll feel two things for you:

Woman on Phone

The first is unquenchable curiosity…

And the second is electric excitement…

It’s a potent combination, and it lines you up to challenge her, and put her on her back foot.

This is when she’ll really start working to prove herself to you…

...and this is where a lot of guys screw up: they keep pushing the girl away!

But Tripp will show you exactly how to make her feel good about herself… and man,

She Is Going To Love That Validation From You!

Now that she’s passed your little challenge, you’re going to throw out the idea of a meetup…

...nothing formal… just putting the idea out there...

...and of course she’ll say yes…

...but this is where you’ll challenge her again.

It’s a different sort of challenge this time - more playful, and more naughty…

lace underwear she knows that this won’t be a “friends date.”

No - this is the technique that gets her going through her underwear drawer picking out her skimpiest pair… “just in case” her clothes come off.

But here’s where Tripp and Christian’s research really pays off…

...because even with all of this progress you’ve made, you’re not going to leave her hanging.

No… now it’s time to build a real connection – so

By The Time She Sees You, She Already Feels Like She’s Meant To Be Your Girlfriend


The first date is so much easier when you’ve got this running start…

...and Tripp’s “long lost soulmate” technique is so powerful that you should honestly only use it once or twice.

It penetrates right through her defenses… all of the shallow bullshit that she’s used to dealing with online…

...and it gets her to feel safe, and open up to you in a way that she’s only ever done for serious boyfriends and best friends.

From there, you’ll seal the details of the date, and then Tripp will give you more techniques to “keep her warm” until you guys meet up.

As you can see, the step-by-step system in Online Domination has been precisely designed.

There’s No “Guesswork” Or “Winging It.”

It follows the exact same formula that Tripp and Christian discovered in romance novels to make women obsess over men…

...a formula that was then refined over the course of ten weeks… fifty men… and thousands of interactions across multiple continents...

...a formula so bulletproof that by the time she sees you, she’s already wondering if she’s falling in love with you.

And since only two hundred other men will know these techniques, you can rest assured that you will dominate.

Anyone trying to play the game without this system simply won’t be able to compete with you…

...they won’t have the techniques… their profiles won’t measure up… they won’t know the step-by-step method...

This Is The Unfair Advantage That Works

…because it’s based on real psychology of female desire.

So whether you’re ready for a serious relationship, and you want that one special girl who is “holding out” for the right guy…

Few girls in rotation

...or you want to just play the field, and have night after night lined up with new women…

...Online Domination gives you the choice.

Or heck… why not just keep a few girls in rotation?

I saw this girl on and off for a few months – we never got serious because we knew her student visa was gonna expire. Wah wah wahhhhh… sucks, cos I really liked her.

I would have been torn up if I wasn’t seeing two other girls at the same time.

So having these sorts of options… it’s worth SO much.

I told Tripp and Christian that I’d easily have paid $1000 for this material, if I knew how powerful it was gonna be.

Seriously - I would have gotten a second job and a third credit card to pay for this material…

...because having total choice and control over online dating? I mean…

Online Domination Is Easily Worth $1000

…and everyone else in our test group agreed with me.

But Tripp made a good point - he said that if they priced it too high, then the only people who could afford it would be super rich guys, or guys who went into debt…

...and that didn’t seem fair.

So it’s not going to cost $1000… not even $750…

...I’ll get to the price in a second and it’s really going to shock you…

…but before I do, check this out:

For this first public release of Online Domination, Tripp and Christian are including two killer bonus courses.

Bonus Training 1: First Date Hookups $197 Included For FREE Today

Bonus 1: First Dates That Lead To Sex

First Date Hookups is Tripp’s exact, step-by-step method for hooking up with a girl on your first date with her.

Yeah, every step of the way.

How to “seed” the idea with her before you meet up…

How to greet her so she’s instantly comfortable with you… even if you’ve never met her before…

What to talk about… how to tease her...

And three super simple “escalation” questions to get her turned on and open to what comes next.

Tripp will show you the exact signs to look for, so you know when it’s time to make a move… guesswork, and zero chance of rejection.

And then, he’ll give you the steps for escalating into the bedroom…

How To Get Her Clothes Off…

...and for creating so much exciting tension that she’s the one begging for it.

And look - you don’t have to use it on the first date.

If you want to move more slowly, that’s entirely up to you.

First Date Hookups

The point is, First Date Hookups removes all the guesswork…

So while I know a few people are gonna say “yeah, but this stuff should come naturally,” you know what I’ve learned?

When you know Tripp’s playbook, you actually get to enjoy your time with her…

You get to focus on the conversation, and what she’s saying… rather than wondering “what should I say next?”

You get to savor the moist touch of her skin…

the glassy look in her eyes as you go in for a kiss…

the desire-filled warmth of her breath on you…

...these are gonna be some of the most enjoyable moments of your life… and that’s why Tripp normally charges $197 for this course.

But today, you’ll get access to this First Date Hookups for free when you join Online Domination.

And that leads me to the second bonus course that Tripp is including…

Bonus Training 2: Friends Into Lovers $97 Included FREE Today

Bonus 2: Friends Into Lovers

You're getting David Tian's 3 proven methods for turning any female friend into a passionate lover… even if she's told you time and time again she "just wants to be friends".

Bonus Training 3: The Complete Confidence Hypnosis $97 Included FREE Today

Bonus 3: The Complete Confidence Hypnosis

You'll receive the subliminal hypnosis recordings for breakthrough confidence. These 4 recordings will eradicate your fears, anxieties, and hang-ups around women... so next time you talk to her, you'll have the confidence of a champion.

Bonus Training 4: Endless Conversations $97 Included FREE Today

Bonus 4: Endless Conversations

In this bonus you're getting Christian Hudson's easy "conversation formula", so that you NEVER run out of things to say when you're talking to a girl you want… and the girl does all the work.

Bonus Training 5: 14-Day Trial to Tripp's Online Mastery Sessions

Bonus 2: The Mastermind

You're going to get 14-days preview access to Tripp's Online Mastery Masterclass calls.

You'll receive access to exclusively recorded Zoom sessions with Tripp & and a group of private clients.

Watch Tripp review profiles, dissect real message exchanges, and answering the most commonly asked questions.

It's only $24.20 per week, billed monthly, and you will only be charged after if you stay past the 14 day trial.

You can cancel at any time with zero hassle by simply calling 888-405-1915, or replying to your welcome email, and requesting cancellation.

Tripp And Christian Decided On A Way, Way Lower Price

Are you ready for this?

If you’re one of the 200 guys lucky enough to join Online Domination today…

… you’ll get instant full access to the course…

...and all 5 bonuses...

...for only $67.

And you'll get lifetime access.

Everything is waiting for you - right now - in the Private Member’s community.

So click the button below to start your risk-free checkout process right now.

Online Domination

It’s so easy to complete the secure transaction and dive into the course.

And these guys are serious about security.

They use the same level of encryption as Amazon, and they don’t even store your full credit card number…

And they will never spam or sell your information.

These guys have a spotless online reputation.

He’s been doing this for over a decade, and one of the reasons that he has a million raving subscribers is because he treats them honestly and honorably.

So you can feel completely safe checking out, and get this:


You’ll Have A Full, One-Year, Money-Back Guarantee

Yeah, one year to check out the course, use it as much as you want…

hook up with as many women as you can handle…

...maybe settle on a relationship…

...and if you decide for whatever reason that you don’t want to pay for it - just write and let Tripp’s team know.

You’ll be issued a prompt and courteous refund… no hassle, no stress.

Just click the button below to get started.

Online Domination

And if you’re still sitting on the fence… I get it.

You haven’t seen everything in the course yet.

That’s why Tripp and Christian have this crazy one-year guarantee - they want you to feel 100% safe and secure giving it a try.

But look - thirty days from now, when you’ve already pulled a few girls with Online Domination, you’re not even going to be thinking about asking for a refund.

That’s why you need to click the button below, and get started now.

Online Domination

Because in just a few minutes, you’re going to jump into the course, and things will start happening fast.

I suggest that you go straight for the “Profile” section.

If you do that, then you’re going to have an Obsession-Worthy profile in just an hour from now…

...and if you’ve got 30 extra minutes, go through the Photos section too, and snap a quick new profile pic that follows the guidelines.

Then just sit back… put your phone down… and watch the messages start to roll in.

Be lazy about it… let 25 or so girls message you before you start to write back with Tripp’s proven templates.

Trust me, you’re going to want to start “batching” your time on these apps…

And you’re going to have to start getting really choosy about who you even write back.

You’ve only got seven nights a week, and I assume that you’re going to want to keep some of them open for your buddies and for some alone time.

You’re Definitely Going To Want More Alone Time

I know it doesn’t feel like that now.

If you’re anything like I was, then you’ve had enough alone time…

And you’re ready for more women in your life.

Real women… not crazy gold diggers… not random unserious girls who ghost you…

No, you’re ready for a woman who you’ll actually enjoy spending time with.

Someone who you like talking to… someone who you can just be yourself around.

And you can admit it… you want her to be hot as f*ck too.

Fantasize About Her

You want to fantasize about her when she’s not around…

You want to smell her perfume on your pillow when she leaves your house in the morning…

You want to hear the sounds that only she makes when she’s moaning in ecstasy with you.

(Yeah, they all make different sounds… and it’s so much fun when you finally start to hear them).

And with what Tripp and Christian are giving you today, you have the exact blueprint to make that happen.




Click on that button below to get started now.

Online Domination

Because Online Domination is based on real female psychology… not some bullshit theory, that some third-rate professor cooked up in his head…, psychology that is validated by billions of dollars in romance and literotica book sales.

The market does not lie.

And right now, you’re on the verge of putting all of that psychological firepower to work for you.

Every single message you send…

Every single time your profile gets viewed…

Every interaction you have...

...imbued with the force of billions of dollars of book sales…

5,468 popular highlights from women themselves…

and thousands of real, successful interactions…

analyzed and perfected by one of the world’s most respected dating coaches.

It’s like focusing the power of the sun through the world’s biggest magnifying glass… much power, but so simple.

All you have to do is click the button below, and get started now.

Online Domination

The women you use this on do not stand a chance…

...and I know that your “holy shit” moment is just around the corner.

It’s when you wake up one Saturday morning…

You’re exhausted, because you’ve been up all night banging.

Hottie Lying Next To You

As your eyes open, they land on the hottie lying next to you… her boobs almost as big as your head!

Her fingers reach below the sheets and she starts to tug on you… she wants it again, and she’s soon mounting you for a morning ride…

And in exchange for obliging her? Maybe you snap a selfie for the memories ;)

Then - like we all do - you grab your phone and go to the bathroom.

You sit down on the pot… check your notifications…

...and twenty new messages have arrived overnight. No joke –

That Is Gonna Be The Holiest Shit You Have Ever Taken In Your Life.

Every guy in the test group had moments like that one…

...our dating lives went from dry, masturbatory deserts… soaking wet, in all the right ways.

And when you have this many options…

When you have this much control…

When this woman problem is solved…, that’s when you start to have the same confidence in your voice, that you’re hearing in mine right now.

Online Domination is how you, and 199 other men are going to get there.

You’re getting it for thousands less than it should cost…

You’re getting hundreds of dollars of bonus courses…

You’re getting a one year, no-hassle guarantee…

And you’re getting it all right now…

So click the button below to get started, before it’s too late.

Online Domination

Just one more thing…

In a week or two from now, when there’s a smoking hot woman lying in bed with you… a woman who can’t get enough of your time, or your manhood...

...and you’ve got ten more women lined up to see you…

...just shoot Tripp a message and let him know what’s up.

No need to pass along all the naked pics she’ll be sending you… those are for your private collection…

Just send him a quick email.

Tell him that Online Domination worked for you, too.

Keep it short and sweet… then get back to your woman…

Because yeah, when you invest in this training, right now, you’ll fill your head with knowledge.

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A new life… and as many women as you want… are literally moments away.

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Online Domination
Catch You On The Flipside

Catch you on the flipside!

- Stevie

p.s. – yes this one’s boobs are real! but her lips… idk lol…